equityfact.com is official website of Equityfact Research Enterprises set up by Chief Analyst Mr.Sunil  Suklal Pawar which is engaged in study and research of Fundamental and Technical Analysis of –

i) A particular stock- for example - SBIN,Reliance etc..

ii) A Particular Sector- for example -Banking Sector,Auto Sector etc..

iii) A Particular index- for example -Nifty,Bank Nifty etc..

iv) A Particular Derivative instrument- for example - Stock Future, Index Future, Stock option, Index option etc…

v) A Particular commodity - for example - Gold,Silver etc..

equityfact.com will be engaged in following studies also-

i) Equity Portfolio strategies-Active Portfolio strategy, Passive Portfolio strategy.

ii) Risk on & Risk off strategy-It means the studies over strategies on Right time SWITCHES in Debt to Equity(Risk on) and Equity to Debt(Risk Off).

iii) Individualized studies on individual risk appetite and Strategic and  Tactical asset allocation in Equity, Debt and Gold instruments.

iv) Individualized studies on individual portfolio styles like CPPI(Constant Proportionate Portfolio insurance), DPPI(Dynamic Proportionate Portfolio insurance) etc..

v) In depth  studies over a particular fund, mutual  fund, Ulip fund,its top 5 holdings and overall  its outlook and SWITCH strategies.


equityfact.com is not -

i) Any type of broking company or division or sub-broker ship of any broking house.

ii) Any type of commission agent who charges or earns a percentage commission on investment by investor.

iii) Any type of Punter, Speculator, or Operator of rubbish stocks of equity market.

iv) Any type of Portfolio management company   which accepts money from investor with or without promise of good returns over investment.

v) Any fake tips selling company which sells fake tips on stocks or on derivatives without having any proper analyst in the company.

vi) Any type of stock trading company which buys and sells stocks or any equity related instruments.

vii)Any type of investment advisory company,which advises clients to buy or sell any equity related instrument.

In short, equityfact.com is an enterprise which is engaged in quality study and research of equity and equity related instruments and which facilitates current, relevant and fact full research reports which are prepared only for information purpose and does not constitute an advice or offer or solicitation for buying and selling of any equity related instrument.