www.equityfact.com is an official website of Equityfact Research Company(EFRC).The firm is owned and set up by Chief Analyst Mr.Sunil Suklal Pawar.

Equityfact research company is engaged in developing RESEARCH SOFTWARES for cash,future,option and commodity segments of market.Presently it proudly owns 20 softwares namely -Factsignals,Factcharts,Optionhunters etc.

All the softwares have been developed by Mr.Sunil Pawar himself.Since 2013,Mr.Sunil acts as founder and CEO at Equityfact Research Company.

Mr.Sunil has profound knowledge in equity research and research software engineering.Mr.Sunil is rated as one of the best strategy and software developer for options segment in India.

Further,Mr.Sunil suklal pawar successfully completed the qualification process to be SEBI REGISTERED RESEARCH ANALYST ON 31 JULY 2016.HIS SEBI REGISTRATION NUMBER IS INH000003325.

There is arms length in the oprations of Equityfact Research Company existing since 2013 and Mr.Sunil Pawar's operations as REGISTERED RESEARCH ANALYST commenced from Aug 2016.

Equityfact Research Company softwares and research are based on technical,mathematical and statistical formulas which are useful for Intraday to positional traders.The operations of EFRC are limited to top 100 stocks of indian stock market and their derivatives.

And,Mr.Sunil's operations as a research analyst will be completely differrent where Mr.Sunil will pick a fundamentally strong stock which an investor may buy as a portfolio holding for 5 to 10 years.Here,Mr.Sunil may study all segments of market.

The detials of EFRC softwares can be viewed on page 'EQUITYFACT INFOTECH' on this site.





equityfact.com is not

i) Any type of broking company or division or sub-broker ship of any broking house.

ii) Any type of commission agent who charges or earns a percentage commission on investment by investor.

iii) Any type of Punter, Speculator, or Operator of rubbish stocks of equity market.

iv) Any type of Portfolio management company   which accepts money from investor with or without promise of good returns over investment.

v) Any fake tips selling company which sells fake tips on stocks or on derivatives without having any proper analyst in the company.

vi) Any type of stock trading company which buys and sells stocks or any Equity related instruments.

In short, equityfact.com is an enterprise which is engaged in study and research of Equity and Equity related instruments and it facilitates current, relevant and fact full information based on theories of technical and fundamental analysis.